Animated sequences of snapshots from a molecular dynamics simulation of laser spallation

Animated GIF Image

Animated sequences of snapshots from a simulation of laser spallation: void nucleation, growth, coarsening, coalescence and percolation is induced by laser irradiation in the regime of stress confinement.

In the molecular-level images (left frame) molecules are shown by dots that are smaller than their actual size so that the largest voids (or regions of reduced density) could be identified while looking through the 40 nm deep computational cell. In the right frame voids are represented by spheres of the same volume as the actual voids. Horizontal dashed lines show the current location of the surface.

To see more animations from smaller-scale simulations of spallation and ablation, click here.

A detailed discussion of this and other simulations of laser spallation of molecular and metal targets is given in

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