Computational samples generated in mesoscopic modeling of vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) arrays

Computational sample FA (98 Mb)

Computational sample FB (95 Mb)

Computational sample FC (802 Mb)

Computational sample FD (552 Mb)
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By clicking on "computational samples" you can download data files defining the structures of VACNT computational samples FA, FB, FC, and FD described in the paper listed below. The VACNT samples consist of 2-μm-long (10,10) CNTs and have lateral dimensions of 0.641 μm x 0.641 μm for samples FA, FB, FD, and 1.82 μm x 1.82 μm for sample FC. The number of nanotubes is 2498 in samples FA and FB, 20438 in sample FC, and 12676 in sample FD. The data in these files can be used to visualize the forest samples, to perform additional structural analysis, or run dynamic simulations probing the properties of the VACNT materials. VACNT forests FA, FB, and FC are prepared with periodic boundary conditions in the lateral (x and y) directions. The format of the files is as follows. Each row lists data for one dynamic unit (node) of the mesoscopic model. The six columns of numbers in the files are:
(1-3) x, y, z coordinates of the nodes (in Angstroms),
(4) ID of the parent carbon nanotube for each node,
(5) local thickness of the bundle the node contributes to, defined as the number of nanotubes in a bundle cross section,
(6) flag specifying bending buckling state of the node (1 for buckling kink),
(7) flag defining the place of the node in the nanotube (0 for first and last nodes).

The procedure developed for generation of the computational samples shown above, along with several examples of the applications of the mesoscopic modeling of VACNT forests are described in this paper:

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Full Text: PDF, doi:10.1016/j.carbon.2017.12.078

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